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RS485 LEADING EDGE AC DIMMER 50/60HZ 3500W 16A For Arduino Raspberry 100/240VAC


RS485 AC Leading Edge Dimmer is a low cost, high performance dimmer for 50Hz and 60Hz AC lines
It has industrial protocol RS485 for easily connection with master device
Designed for controlling high power of resistive and inductive loads


Can be connected up to 32 devices to one RS485-BUS line Adjust power of heating elements
Low cost and high performance
Not needed external power supply
Dimming levels – 255
4-Bytes controlling commands
Optoisolation between high and low voltage side – 1000V
Input voltage range - 100…240VAC
Input AC line voltage frequency – 50Hz, 60Hz
AC line frequency auto detect function
Constant current – up to 16A
Standby power – 0.8W
Half –Duplex communication
Communication speed – 9600 8N1
Adjustable fan starting and overheating temperature
Adjustable temperature hysteresis
Changeable device slave address
Can be connected up to 32 devices to one RS485-BUS line
RS485-BUS range up 1200m
Changeable temperature measuring unit – Celsius/Fahrenheit

Adjust power of heating elements
Adjust LED bulb brightness
Adjust incandescent lamp brightness
Adjust AC motor speed

Each command always have 4 bytes
First byte is synchronization byte. It’s constant and always has value 0xFF
Second byte is device ID byte. Default value 0x00. This byte is changeable by command
Third byte is command byte
Fourth byte is command byte
User manual available