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Bluetooth Electronic Vaporizer Hookah Pipe Pen as Phone/Music player Starter Kit


Vshare E- cigarette Description:
Vshare e-cigs is the combination of high-tech products with unique innovative bluetooth function. Bluetooth e-cigs implemented the voice calls functions
of smart mobile terminal and play music . Easy to connect with your phone , your computers ,your ipods.

Vshare E- cigarette Advantage :
1.Unique play music e-cigs
2.Colorful and matte surface of vshare e-cigs give us the fashion and valued impression.
3.All the ce4/ce5/evod/vivi nova/protank atomizers can be employed universally
4.Bright blue digith LED display
5.All the buttons esay for operationing with voice calls functions of smart mobile terminal .
6.360mah battery can be rechanged 3000 times

Bluetooth Vshare Detail Parameter:
Vshare E-cig Size:163mm*140mm (Whole length*Battery Diameter)
Battery Capacity:350mah
Charging Time:1~1.5 hours
Working Voltage:3.2~4.2V
Screw Threading Type:510/eGo Screw Threading
Atomizer e-lquid Capacity:1.6ml
Atomizer Coil Type:Rechangeable Bottom Coil
Coil Resistance:1.8~2.4 ohms
Available Colors:Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Golden, Purple, Pink
Pls indicate the colors you'd like to, or it will be sent randomly.

Gift Box Package Components
1 pc Vshare Battery;
1 pc Vshare Atomizer;
1 pc Spare Atomizer Coil;
1 pc USB Charger;
1 pc Wall Adaptor;
1 pc eGo Lanyard;
1 pc Silicone Holder;
1 pc User Manual;
1 pc Gift Box