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Ac Programmable Light Dimmer Module Controller Board Arduino Raspberry Compatible 50/60hz With HeatSink

1 Channel With HeatSink

Module contains a Triac triggering coupled with zero-cross detector mechanism for programming the intensity of incandescent lamps, AC LED dimmable bulbs, heating elements or fan speed controlled through a micro-controller.
Working voltage from 110v to 240v.
Auto detect 50Hz or 60Hz.
Zero-Cross detection (with zero/cross output pin SYNC).
Compatible with any ARDUINO, RASPBERRY boards.
Low voltage side and high voltage side is completely isolated.

Dimensions of the PCB 50mm x 50mm (1.97inch x 1.97inch).
Four mounting holes diameter 3.2mm (0.13inch).
The distance between mounting holes is 42.7mm.
Connected LOAD power 500W long-term and 1000W short-term.
NOT appropriate to change the brightness of fluorescent lamps !!!
For inductive load controlling must be connected RC snubber - available here !!!
Warning: This project deals with AC electricity which is dangerous if you don’t know how to treat it safely.
You must treat electricity with caution!

Sample Arduino Code 1:

Sample Android :

See video :