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4CH I2C AC Dimmer Light Bulb Smart Home Arduino Raspberry 110V 220V

4CH I2C AC Dimmer

Only 4 wires are needed to control this board !

Compatible with any Arduino, Raspberry or microcontroller
Dimming method - leading edge
Current per channel - up to 3A
AC Line autodetect function
PCB dimensions - 140mm x 60mm
Distance between holes: vertical 51mm, horizontal 131mm
Mounting holes diameter: 3.2mm
100kHz I2C bus interface
I2C bus pull up switch on board
I2C device address select switch on board
50HZ LED - show detected AC 50HZ Line
60HZ LED - show detected AC 60HZ Line
BOTH LED Flashing - AC Line not detected
Microcontroller on-board. No programming required!!!
PCF8574 is used as I2C buffer
SDA and SCL I2C pull up switch (pull upped with 5.6k resistors)
I2C Device Address select switch
Table in images show device addresses. Default address - 0x27 or 0x3F
I2C-Bus Address scanner for Arduino -

Arduino demo sketch for I2C Slave address 0x27 -

Arduino demo sketch for I2C Slave address 0x3F -

How to control board via I2C protocol? Only with 3 bytes! Please see images
Note: I recommend to use a EMI filter with this device. Connect it before AC INPUT. This board have pull-up switch for SDA and SCL lines. I2C-bus must be always pull-ups. If you use more than one device on I2C-bus - one device must be pull-ups and others not.